New Projects


“What’s truly innovative is the interplay of material crystal symmetry with chemical and physical properties of material systems under extreme conditions”

The following projects are available to incoming Masters and Ph.D. students in addition to Post Doc applicants. Additional projects proposed by Ph.D. students and Post Doc applicants are encouraged. Please contact Assistant Prof. Scott J. McCormack for more information.

1. Synthesizing Advanced Carbide and Nitride Materials

 Initiative: Materials Discovery | Theme: Synthesis

Objective: To synthesis carbides and nitrides for high-temperature applications


  • Willing to work with their hands
  • Interested in material synthesis
  • Interested in working with high-temperature furnaces and gases
  • Interested in powder characterization
  • Interested in learning calorimetry
  • Interested in learning X-ray/Neutron diffraction

2. Plasma Resistant Materials

Initiative: Materials Design | Theme: Synthesis and Calorimetry

Objective: To design and develop a series of plasma resistant materials for space applications.


  • Interested in materials synthesis
  • Interested in powder processing
  • Interested in powder characterization
  • Interested in powder densification
  • Interested in learning calorimetry
  • Interested in working with industry partners

3. Materials for High-Temperature Photonics

Initiative: Materials Design | Theme: Calorimetry

Objective: To design and test photonic materials above 1500 ˚C


  • Interested in materials characterization
  • Interested in materials selection
  • Interested in materials thermodynamics
  • Interested in calorimetry
  • Interested in materials at high temperatures
  • Interested in interfaceing and working with other research groups in the College of Engineering at UC Davis (Munday and Leite group)